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You know now we have no complaints Wu Chou

"You know now we have no complaints Wu Chou , but also waste us, you say ! In the end who sent you here ." Chen Artillery majesty not resist with an overlooking Rattus . Rattus face again and again change the face of power and influence to force people to Chen Second Artillery Corps , reveal helpless expression slowly opening : "Yes Coach sent us , he gave us tens of thousands of dollars, said after the incident as well as benefit to us , told us to start with hard points . " "I have guessed him, I did not expect this Hell 's heart so hard , to scrap the father , thanks today go out together with thugs , or really want to set up in your hands ." Chen chuckled Second Artillery laugh looking at Coach handbags outlet. Outlet immediately dissatisfaction, said Coach handbags, " I rely on, I became thugs Shashi Hou ah ! Blame their brains are too stupid point , Helenians money, help people work, in the end did not make clear what to do . " I want you to do one thing for me , if you do not , then I will make you regret it came to this world ." Chen Artillery one ever came a shower of blood in people who have a great deal of natural gas Li , which shares Li gas alone is enough to give a deep moment of Rattus overawed .