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Where the brother, the Japanese sent over

"Where the brother, the Japanese sent over, just under ten minutes before the airport was bribed their joint victory , sending people to picked up ." " Joint wins also ranked in the top ten of the Hong Kong gangster , I did not expect it to be so easy to buy a Japanese guy , but now also to deal with , and afraid of the Italian Mafia and Thai generals are sent over, when a bit of trouble . " Zeng slight frown , faint openings. "Then we simply first to a pre-emptive , inform the Hong Kong government with these few Japs caught ." Assistant Mike said . Zeng shook his head, " the Japanese for the first time this has long been ready for action , the Hong Kong government which many people have already been bought by indirect Moreover, this is not the mainland , DC , we are also here in this capacity how convenient missing , because this is a sensitive area , so a lot of methods can not be used , only secretly resolved, but this time to the Japs is the identity of the investor , we can not use the power of clear surface just move them! " "That's how we want to do , we can not wait for them to dry before start it ! But above came the news that we stare at Lingnan University , said what the situation is not delayed , the first time to report it in the past , I really do not know a Cape University ordinary pass what circumstances can a . " another aide Chen also spoke.