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Then a few people came to the door of a restaurant

"It's also almost ." Li Meili suddenly smiled opening , evidently on the Coach outlet online has no gas, " I'll take you to an old eat , taste good ." Then a few people came to the door of a restaurant called "food for the immortal" , this restaurant does not have a brilliant luxurious decoration , but giving a simple, easy feeling , a few people went in and saw the inside of the business are hot forward , looked at , even only a table , and not enough for four people is already more than enough. Four people simply ordered a pot, a few side dish chatter . Xue Mei started some obvious restraint , after all, she was just a student at Lingnan University inside it, and it was sitting next to her famous inside the school , with " extinction Shitai ," said the headmaster Li Meili . But also let go slowly , as if a friend chatted up , had to admit that women are a common topic . While inside the restaurant business is very hot, but the speed of serving people feel annoyed or not , very few people will be swept away as neatly after half, insisted stomach went to the Coliseum . Also known as the Hong Kong Coliseum Coliseum , referred to the Coliseum ) in Asia , one of the best equipped integrated indoor seated venue ,Coach outlet online is also a well-known landmark in Hong Kong . All the king and queen class people in Hong Kong are basically here to open a concert , which has a total of 12,000 seats , this time from the concert started only ten minutes , looked basically can not see the empty seats of the most are some ninety after young men and women from their fanaticism, joyful expression of view , you know how much rain Zhang worship .