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Coach purses Wang Xing understand is actually four family knows

Four families are the palace , Murong , Shangguan , Sima family of four thousand years of tradition , has a very large heritage, this four family in each one like a dragon in China , well- heritage thousands of years is not bad , whether it is in other areas of wealth or power are very impressive, just let Coach purses are four family did not think the children have come to the Lingnan University in Hong Kong such a very common inside the school to study, but are still women, which which certainly has other reasons. "You know how four families Yeah !" Coach purses Wang Xing understand is actually four family knows . Wang Xing Hey smiled, my ancestors had , and one of the original family a little deep , so we know they exist , and this time it is the elders heard the news. Coach purses smiled, no longer continue to say that this is probably not simple Wang Xing 's life experience will not be as simple as he just said , but it has nothing to do with him Coach purses. The girl behind the four family followed more than a dozen bodyguards so everyone entering the campus under the watchful eye , Coach purses S-Class Big Ben did not even make a point of view on them Pianguo Tou see , even if it is on the look glance , which makes his young mind by a small blow, at least Coach purses are so feel . " Do not look good ." Xue Mei suddenly Que the mouth, dissatisfied with his head to the side.