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Inside the center , a more upscale area of Western shops , Coach outlet store drizzle and friends are happy eating dessert, conversation. Zhang rain could name a few years ago not many people know, but today has a new generation of teen entertainment , she said , but in the eyes of the stars after 90 dazzling , few people do not know. Since its debut , the issue of membership will debut exclusively winning the rookie award first, but sudden surge in popularity in recent years, is involved in show business , but also achieved good results. Today she finally had time to rest , so specifically went in Coach outlet store and the previous few friends gathering. "Rain , how you do with today's aides and bodyguards together Yeah ! To fame , if you are being recognized you , I am afraid there will be trouble , but I've heard very good law and order in Tuen Mun this time , many small punks fighting on the street . " Zhang sat next to a young woman drizzle some concern said. Coach outlet store drizzle long with an elegant and refined look beautiful skin as muscle snow in general, disheveled slightest sheen, the whole person exudes youthful vitality. However, its light I saw a chuckle : ! " Ah you are not too nervous and out of the way if the friends gathered under the Council also came out with a bunch of people , then told me to live not live to say we wait for the next pull ! after eating, I drove straight back , do on the road can run into a robbery , was really the case, alas ! I Zirendaomei good pull ! "