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This time we combined the Mafia , the generals in Thailand , Cambodia side, coupled with your local gangs to help those in Hong Kong , Hong Kong's reunification underground world is not a problem , that time in Hong Kong this treasure of the country within a country is rated all of us , then money , women , what fear not , is not it ! "Coach outlet store aloud with, his voice filled with strong self-confidence. "But HCoach factory outlet , Eastern Star , as well as some large gangs, their strength is not weak , is not to be trifled with , but fear is that Chinese government intervention , although we do not want to seize their power, but once the whole of Hong Kong Underworld control in hand, secretly become our world . based in Hong Kong and now in an important position in the world , in China 's economic status , it is not a small loss. to the Chinese government sent troops to intervene , if not Okay . " bald guy and not be slow to tell their own positive worry. Coach outlet store chuckled and waved , " bald guy you want more, do you think we still do not want to make war , this is a Hong Kong triad rampant flooding the place where you scramble,Coach factory outlet online sale secretly the gun infighting , Implying you would send troops to the government so that , to the time we just put underground world unity , control of all the mainstream entertainment industry in Hong Kong , one of the other aspects of further penetration of all the young men absorbed into gangs, but we also All the gang can use this as a cost of goods into the world on the platform in mainland China , so that you can earn the amount of money a few hand cramps . "Coach outlet store successive passage which uses several Chinese old saying , no actually thought a lot about China .