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Four beauties inside the dormitory lights go out until midnight and we have to , just this time, Coach factory online hugged Xue mei, just go to sleep , this is the first real two sharing a bed , but also former fellows each other throughout the body by the massage it, we do not think about it. Coach factory online quickly lay down a full half an hour before they came drowsiness , at this moment Xue Mei exclaimed suddenly got up and said: " I ​​almost forgot, eight p.m. tomorrow at the Coliseum concert Zhang rain Yeah ! hum, I did not buy a ticket tomorrow, certainly can not buy , and I really pig memory . " Coach outlet online Xue looked alarmed the United States, but also thought what happened , is that Zhang had rain , Coach factory online have to suspect that he is not really an affair with her pull ! Such a fate. "It's okay , tomorrow I get two tickets to tell you that you and see a piece ." Coach factory online comforted. Xue flew to the United States one day the music up, address him , "Really Well ! Second Artillery Corps , I really love you ." "Hey , let me see you in the end how much you love me ." Coach factory online Yin Xiao , suddenly resorted to grab milk Zhaoshou , Xue America unprepared by surprise , flew with the body like an electric shock , shocked .