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Flash time really fast, went to lunch time , in Coach bags outlet and when Wang Xing leave room to defend the cafeteria , Li Ziyang Q7 drove him out of the gate, cut the throat straight to the door leaving a few hundred meters away under a tree . " Brother Lee ." " Brother Lee . ." . . Trees at this time is below or squatting or standing sixty-seven dyed yellow hair , green hair , nose stud name , earrings young man , saw the arrival of the Li Ziyang , stood up hellos . "It is you who have to deal with that photo , give me look carefully, find an opportunity to cripple him at night , after the incident to have your benefits ."Coach bags while talking to the edge and pulled out a photograph , but this photo shoot is not very clear to see that this is a high-tech ** . " Brother Lee , you really want to get him residues Yeah ! Oh, what happened will not ." A little worried Rattus Road . Li Ziyang then despise him, "Coach factory outlet said it yourself mom 's out of the mix , more ruthless how knives to injure , and now tell you cripple a person afraid, are not I tell you to engage in any Gangster ** , there is nothing to worry a little security , he now seems in part-time as a driver , to help people open an S -class big Ben , you do not have to worry about , what are the consequences for you , I 'll settle for . "