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Brother you say ! Long as I do to , be sure to follow the above

"Brother you say ! Long as I do to , be sure to follow the above , " Rattus afraid to be hesitant , and quickly promised . " Coach of the bike to the next Q7 free full capacity , must be the whole a good point , to let people know that , in addition to cosmetic outside Korea can , we the people of cosmetic technology is not covered, but also the entire vehicle better . "Chen smiled coldly Second Artillery Corps , although he no longer willing to hand-dyed with blood , but for a person to own such a ruthless , not to give a lesson of his character is not . Rattus startled by startled, Chen did not expect him to follow the above things Artillery turned to him to deal with Coach, albeit against his car only, but the thought of his senior officials of the I , and my heart is still a little afraid of . "Brother , Coach is one of the Lao government leaders in Tuen Mun , also some fame in Hong Kong, we do talk to him on these little people , I am afraid the consequences will be miserable ." " Miserable thing ! Do not you know you 'll worse thing in my hands ! Blatant and they do not want you to go, secretly gave him whole , and he knows what you do , and he just wanted to have only think of me come to what I have to bear when there is on the line . and you want to mix in his early years, there is next to me after years of martial arts master who worked hard in the mountains in the mountains , quasi able to bring you a world to play in Hong Kong .